Leaping Public Relations Strategy helps domestic and foreign well-known brands to develop their business in northeast China, providing brand public relations activities, brand planning and other services. Served brands include Poly Real Estate, China Overseas Property, Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Red Star Macalline , FAW Toyota, etc. .

As the only film and television media company listed in the United States in the past decade, Leaping Media Group will become China’s leading cultural media enterprise in the future, and help Liaoning expand the influence of the cultural media industry in China and attract more external funds.

Leaping Public Relations Strategy

  • Expand the amount of corporated brands. Curerntly served brands include: China Overseas Property, Agricultural Bank of China, etc. .
  • In the future, we will expand our business scope, increase investment in the performance of the “Star Concert” in northeast China, and participate in the hosting of large-scale sports events.