In order to produce high-quality content for the audience, the company invested, produced and distributed many high-quality films and television works, purchased high-quality domestic and overseas IP works, formed a high-quality IP storage , continued to expand the scope of producing, cultivated high-quality film industry talents, and shaped a good platform for the industry.

Produced iQiyi’s campus youth web TV series 《Meet Myself》 in 2017, — 22 million video clicks totally

Invested cinema film 《Gamble》in 2018,which will released nationwide.

Planning to invest in 2 cinema films- our original IP works 《Broken Cats》which will invite top actors.

Leaping International Film also provides comprehensive brand image and product publicity services for Fortune Global 500 companies, such as corporate videos, short films, etc., .We have served companies like China Overseas Property and China Construction Bank.

Leaping International Film invests in high-quality films and television works, develops high-quality IP content, and actively cultivates outstanding industry talents

Produce quality content for the film industry

In 2020, the original urban humanity film “Broken Cats” will be produced, and it has been entered the preliminary preparation stage.